Violin ~ Nancy Padilla is the 2015 and 2016 Montana State Fiddle Grand Champion, and is known in the area for past performances and recordings with critically acclaimed groups including Wheel Hoss and Deep River (bluegrass), Open Range and the Swing Stampede (western swing), and Montana Mandolin Society (folk and world.)  In addition, she is a private instructor, and workshop presenter (Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Alaska, Idaho.)  Learn more at

Rhythm Guitar ~ Ray Padilla The "la pompe" style of percussive guitar rhythm is a vital ingredient of the gypsy jazz sound.  Ray does a fine job of keeping Montana Manouche's music swinging and right in time.  He is also known for his skill on the upright bass, having performed and recorded with popular regional bluegrass bands including The Big Sky Boys and Wheel Hoss.  Ray often can be heard playing Texas-style backup guitar at fiddle contests around the region.


Upright Bass ~ Mike Carey has gigged with Bozeman's top jazz musicians for many years. His inventive bass solos and driving jazz groove are an integral part of Montana Manouche's sound.

Lead Guitar ~ Dave Sullivan has been playing and performing jazz guitar since his teens.  About 10 years ago, he caught the Gypsy Jazz bug, and ever since has been wowing audiences with his large repertoire of Django Reinhardt tunes.